Hatsune Miku Voted 8th Lamest Pop Act Of All Time By NME

NME Magazine have recently posted a new article on their site, detailing what they see as the lamest pop acts of all time. Unfortunately, Hatsune Miku-who they’ve managed to misspell as “Miko”-is placed in 8th-apparently, she’s worse than Chico and the Cheeky Girls.

How does one create a pop star, eh? One option is to just, well, make one. Hatsune Miko is a Japanese 3D hologram who’s sold out concerts and has her ‘own’ record label. Yeah, lame as the rest of the artists on this list are, at least they’re actual people.

For you Miku fans boiling with rage though-considering they didn’t put Bieber on the list, I wouldn’t exactly waste time brewing over this… odd placement.

You can read the full article here.

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  1. Oh, come on, luv, somebody’s got to start boiling so that everybody else can move on.

    I think they missed out the part where her live act involves full live instrumentation catching up with a computer voice who never falters, slows down, gets something wrong, or lets them re-try if they play a wrong note by accident. Also the part where Miku’s a hologram on a plane of glass so that the animation can be viewed on both sides, which for some places means twice the audience opportunity for a single event. Also that the music she sings at the concert isn’t from big names being paid tons of money, it’s all written by unpaid individuals who actually just really enjoy the software as a vehicle for expression.

    The article mention reads like Crypton just shoved her out with her first record and expected to make cash – before Miku, Vocaloid software was very obscure and one Vocaloid famously had just two hundred sales to its belt nationwide. And none of the tracks in any of the concerts – or any of the video games for that matter – were in-house. A fandom formed around the new software and made a crap-ton of songs because they really liked the program. The song they link to in the article was originally a Nico Nico Douga video (the equivalent of a Youtube upload, but without any of the international popularity). Now it’s got an entire crowd singing and cheering. That would be how Miku got that record label and concert series – it was earned by fandom response.

    Also, their last article was about getting Justin Bieber a birthday present. Miku doesn’t swear at airport staff, claim to be more important that any of the other passengers on the flight and then shove a visibly pregnant woman in the stomach because she’s ‘in the way’. Miku then doesn’t have to be scared by the biggest, strongest security guard about sitting in the police cells overnight just to make the kid act with some decorum – but then doesn’t give a single apology.

    Yeah, I’m still not happy about that, and I’m not going to forgive him until he shows a drop of remorse.

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  2. Chico is an annoying prat who is a crap singer and is a smug git.
    The Cheeky Girls are like Jedward, total crap!

    The number one is lame as well!

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  3. Other artists who should have been on there are Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Bieber is sooo lame and sounds like a girl. Miley Cyrus sounds like a boy. Maybe they should swap voices . . .

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