Sonic Labyrinth Is Coming To The 3DS! No, Wait Don’t Go…

Yes everyone’s least favourite Sonic game that actually has Sonic in it, Sonic Labyrinth is on it’s way to the Nintendo 3DS as part of it’s Game Gear virtual console line-up – at least that’s what our old friends the ratings classification board (this time Australia’s) has seemingly revealed.

I’m sure we all remember Sonic Labyrinth, the crazy – and exceptionally rubbish game, where Sonic is slowed down by shoes supplanted by Dr. Eggman and then has to escape from a series of isometric mazes after collecting keys.

Coming hot on the heels of the announcement of Sonic Triple Trouble as well as two other titles for March 15th, it seems it will also be joined by Sonic Blast (also known in Japan as G Sonic/Sonic G) which may please you slightly more. Blast was a very different game and actually featured big rendered graphics.

We’ll have to await official announcement whatever the case is to find out just when they might come our way.


Kevin Eva

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