Good News! SEGA Are Doing Another Collectable Vinyl. Bad News! Its Japanese Only.

SEGA’s history of producing vinyl records for its games is surprisingly long, most of the time this is for collections. For instance the SEGA Classic Collection, SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection and more recent times the disc version of the Dreamcast Collection all had vinyl albums with featured tracks across a variety of games. The small number and difficulty to get hold of which resulted in great demand from SEGA fans for their limited print runs.

Yakuza: Black Panther 2 might not be coming out over here and SEGA Japan might not like us even talking about it (they copyright claimed our Shining Blade video after all) but that is the title which is getting a 1000 limited edition print run of vinyl albums. SEGA Japan are doing it a little bit differently though, in that they are not giving them all to Australia for JB Hi Fi to giveaway but actually going to SELL them to you.

The album, to be  priced at ¥2,500 (£19, $30) will go on sale from May 5th.

[Source: Andriasang]

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