Get Stuck In With Gum In ASRT!

After a slightly embarrassing conversation with AAUK about why gum being in ASRT is a big thing and being told that it’s not an ACTUAL piece of gum (Which, let’s face it, would make a decent slowdown weapon. (Credit Max Firestorm, thanks, Mr Lycett)), it has been revealed that Gum from Jet Set Radio will be a playable character in Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed!


In an article in the latest Nintendo Power magazine, they exclusively reveal that Gum will be joining in on the action this time around.


Gum Article 1

Whilst there are no in game shots included in the article, there is some official artwork included in the All-Star Cast section.


Gum Article 2

Whilst I have absolutely no idea who Gum is, having not played any game in the Jet Set Radio franchise (I’ll be working on that when the port comes out! Honest!), I imagine all you JSR fans will be pretty pleased about this. Sound off in the comments!

[Via: The Sonic Stadium]


Author: Max Firestorm

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