Spanish Generations Footage: Iizuka Interview Full Translation

After the initial announcement more Sonic Generations footage has emerged online in what is turning out to be an avalanche of information. We already know that Green Hill Zone is in, we’ve also seen via screenshots (now added to the Depository) that there is definitely Colours-style red-rings which could suggest Super Sonic is returning. Kotaku (with thanks to TSSZ) have revealed there will be a Classic, Dreamcast and Modern eras.

Now though Spanish website Meristation (thanks to Tweaker) have put up a new video with Iizuka-san. You can see the video below courtesy of Woun who beat me to it. After which we’ve got details from the article in English courtesy of SW staff member Ram The Dragon.


The video clearly shows game play with a remixed Green Hill Zone theme for modern Sonic with near enough the original article for Classic, ol’ black eyes even gets his original SFX though slightly remastered.

Iizuka is quoted in the article:

“Some might’ve enjoyed the original games, and some might’ve enjoyed the modern ones, possibly not knowing about the first games, when the character was first created. With Sonic Generations, we’re trying to get everybody back on the Sonic bandwagon and enjoy it for everything that it means.”

In the video he says the following – obviously give the man a bit of leeway on anything that sounds a tad peculiar, this has gone from Japanese to English via Spanish!

“This year, 2011, Sonic turns 20. The concept of Sonic Generations was, in essence, to compress 20 years worth of Sonic history into one game. In order to do so, we mixed traditional Sonic, with his traditional 2D platforming and characteristic gameplay with modern Sonic and all of his own characteristics. In my opinion, there’re fans that enjoy the classic 2D Sonic, the action/platforming game with horizontal scrolling, and there’re other fans that like 3D Sonic better, such as the more recent games.

In 2010, we launched Sonic 4 Episode 1, which was directed towards the biggest classic Sonic fans, but we also launched Sonic Colors, directed towards fans of 3D Sonic. What we did with Sonic Generations was to make it directed to both fangroups. We hope everybody enjoys this unique game and we can all celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary.

Sonic Generation’s design, is an actual summary of 20 years worth of Sonic. So, it doesn’t concentrate on the more classic elements of the character, nor does it focus on the latest additions to Sonic that we’ve seen in the last few years, it much rather tries to cover everything one has seen during Sonic’s 20 years of history. We had a Green Hill Zone demo today, which is the first level ever in the franchise, but as the year rolls on, we’ll be announcing other game levels, and you’ll see they come out from pretty much everywhere. It’s not about new things or old things, it’s about, as I’ve said, covering everything. We’ve announced today that we’d have these two playable characters in Sonic Generations, but many other characters from the Sonic universe will show up, I’m talking about Sonic’s friends: Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, etc, that will be part of the story or even an important gameplay element. We still have a lot of surprises planned.

The main approach is to create an action game, one that’s fun to play, and that should be achieved in the classic way, both with classic Sonic and modern Sonic. Therefore there will be no cooperative nor competitive mode, it will an action/platformer game exclusively for single player.”

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    From the current footage we have, I think I prefer the looks of the classic Sonic gameplay. Which is wierd considering how much of a modern Sonic fan I am…Strange isn’t it?

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        I see wat you did thar 😀

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        :’D I also see what you did too.

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      Then you’re not a true Modern Sonic fan nor a true sonic fan at all. Simple as that.

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        Not a “true” Sonic fan? Really now?

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        • ArchangelUK

          There is no such thing as a “true” Sonic fan – you don’t have to like/dislike a certain series of games to become a “true” fan.

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            Yes there is, actually. A “true” Sonic fan (and a a true fan of ANY series, actually) is someone who cares about quality, knows what the series should be like, and wants the series to be good. Simply put.

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            Exactly 🙂

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    Classic Sonic all the way!

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