Games Radar Shows Off Its Top 25 Game Gear Games

Across the many years of the Game Gear, a lot of games were released and played. Although some stick in the mind of gamers today due to their “unique” playability (such as Tails Sky Patrol), there are a good selection of games that were highly playable. Although it is harder nowadays to get a Game Gear and the games for it, the recent release of some of the Game Gear back catalogue through the Nintendo 3DS Shop has brought it back into the spotlight a bit more. In particular, gaming site Games Radar has compiled its top 25 Game Gear games to showcase the top games for the Game Boy rival.

The 25 games cover a wide variety of genres, from action adventure to racing and even RPGs. So chances are that you’ll like the sound of at least one or two of them. And, naturally, Sonic appears in the list too, with Sonic Drift 2 placing 25th, Tails Adventure in 16th, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 5th and Sonic Triple Trouble in 2nd. And top of the list is the original Shinobi, which you can now get via the 3DS shop (along with Sonic Triple Trouble). A strong outing for a wide variety of SEGA games, and it shows that the Game Gear was more than the portable console that gave us Sonic Labyrinth.

The full list can be found on the website here.

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