Port Of Sonic Jam Gets A Retro Review Via Ashens

Anyone remember the Anyone? Anyone?

Well fear not if you don’t know. It was a handheld games console developed by Tiger Electronics that was released circa 1997 that tried to appeal to an older market than the Game Boy. Suffice to say it failed spectacularly. But you can see it in all its *ahem* glory here. Buyer of Poundland tat and player of Popstations Dr Stuart Ashen, aka Youtube reviewer Ashens, reviewed some of the games for the system a few months ago, including the port of Sonic Jam. The overall impression? Not a fantastic version of the game at all, much like every other game for the system. So if you want a laugh at how not to do a port, watch on with the video below.

The part that contains Sonic Jam starts at 6:15 – but it’s much more fun to watch the whole review.

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