Fleetway Vs Archie! Dobbyn/Yardley Ltd Ed Print For SOS 2011

Let me tell you a story, you guys think we plan things a few months in advance. Well I officially began plans for Summer Of Sonic 2011 on August 8th, you may recognise that as the day after SOS 2010.

Though I didn’t tell the other staff for a few months, myself and Tracy Yardley! were having a bit of a chat. You see Tracy sent a load of artworks over for 2010 for you guys to purchase from the store and he thought SOS was great, so we looked to get him over this year.

I though had another idea, why not get Archie and Fleetway together? Their Sonic teams were rather contrasting, and with Archie’s team having all kinds of multi-verse alternate shenanigans wouldn’t it make sense that eventually the two would collide? Sooo, I proposed the prospect of a limited print to Tracy featuring both the Archie and Fleetway teams.

Tracy loved the idea and I then e-introduced him to Nigel, the result you can (partly) see below – a Yardley/Dobbyn collab featuring every Sonic comic fan’s dream Fleetway Vs Archie!

This limited edition print will be on sale at SOS and I’m sure will be in red hot demand. I know I want one!

We’ll show you the final result when its coloured and will of course give full details on pricing/numbers when we get it from messers Yardley and Dobbyn.

More surprises that both will and will not involve your wallet to come. 🙂

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

Gamer, scholar, gentleman & fountain of useless trivia, LMC's boss-man extraordinaire is also a super-awesome Community Manager who has worked on projects for SEGA, Square Enix, Konami, Capcom and more. Once co-created and hosted an international fan-convention because he can do that sort of thing.

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  1. Project Phoenix

    OMFG. That looks amazing. Can’t WAIT to see the coloured version.

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  2. Avatar

    OH EM GEE!! I wants so badly!

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  3. Avatar

    If anyone of you vote for archie too.
    … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .. … .. … .. … … … … … …
    Copy And Paste

    SONIC A R C H I E 4 EV A-Yo FleetWay I Onle Lik Evi/Craza Supe Sonic

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  4. Avatar

    Save me one, guys.

    Save me at least one.

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