OCR Makes A Splash (Hill) With First Sonic 4 Remix

Just in time for the launch of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II comes the first official Episode I remix from the prolific massed musical minds at Overclocked Remix.

Bizarrely entitled “The Obsequious Heterophobia of Dr. Melefam Buttfink”, the track is a remix of Splash Hill Zone takes an early 80’s electronica feel to the music, DJ Pretzel in his summary name checks The New Order which I’d agree with. Remixer Meteo Xavier, who also got fellow remixer bLiNd to assist comments also mentions them.

“As usual, I had strict possibly idiosyncratic artistic ideas and goals for how I wanted to do it. This time, I wanted to use this track, which I claimed I would remix someday anyway when it was first leaked, as a means to pay tribute to the earliest music I can remember moving me – which is super robotic sequenced 80’s late 90’s super happy and super cheesy electronic music. This time my goal was not to shy away from my remix weaknesses: mechanized sequencing, repetitive drums, overproduction, etc. but dive right into it and build on them into a unique track. All the repetitiveness, and cheesy guitar samples and all that is intentional. I wanted a track that sounded more conventional and played with the main melodies (see below) much more than my previous mixes and really really interpret and work with them. I cite Erasure, “Waiting for a Star to Fall” by Boy Meets Girl, “Vivid” by Hiroki Kikuta, Pretty Hate Machine by NIN, and “Blue Monday” by New Order as my main sources for this track, among others.”

Personally I’d say it sounds a bit Jean Michel Jarre actually at a lot of points. There are some minor flaws still in this mix, but its still highly enjoyable – give it a listen.

You can download it and find more information from here: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02435/

Kevin Eva

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    Not bad. Very 80’s retro. I’m personally surprised how fast one came out for Sonic 4. Not too surprised as episode 1 is the most ripe, thus far, when it comes to potential remixes. ^_^

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