First 4 Figures’ Skyward Sword Link Is Meme Waiting To Happen

Flying is exhilarating, this is a fact. We know this because it has been instilled in us by many a costumed superhero, television documentary, or guy who did a tandem parachute jump one time for charity and won’t shut the hell up about it. Exhilaration therefore is probably what First 4 Figures were going for in their Skyward Sword statue which shows our hero riding Loftwing.

Unfortunately… it looks like Link and Loftwing are either engaging in a terribly put on selfie or have both sat on a cactus.

Or worse.

F4F - Skyward Sword Link & Loftwing
Interested parties for the 26″ x 22″ x 25″ figurine should note that the figure is up for pre-order now with an SRP of $459.99 and delivery date of Q2 2015. It is also limited to 2500 units worldwide. (May also include a cactus.)

[Via: First 4 Figures]

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