First 4 Figures Reveal New ‘Sword Kirby’ Figurine

Nintendo’s pink inhaler of adversaries is coming to a display case near you – should you have the cash. The latest item from collectible makers First 4 Figures sees a first instance of the Kirby series come to their lineup; and just in case you thought a normal Kirby would be a bit… featureless, this Kirby is Sword Kirby.

Sword Kirby, for those not familiar, comes from the use of Sword – one of Kirby’s copying abilities and sees him wield a blade whilst at the same time donning a Link-esque green hat. Perhaps an appropriate choice, considering First 4 Figures’ numerous Legend of Zelda related statues.

Most non-Kirby players will most likely recognise this design as how Kirby looks when he inhales Link in the Smash Bros. series. However the ability actually has its origins in the original Kirby’s Adventure from 1993.

The 16-inch high figure due for delivery in Q1 2015 and complete with American-style angry eyes, is a new line and is in limited numbers so Kirby fans should move fast in order to secure one. The Standard Version is limited to 2000 units at $219.99.

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An ‘Exclusive Version’ is also available at 850 units which features an ability to light up and show the power of the move. This will be $239.99.

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Pre-orders are being taken now.

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