Fanart Focus: Spiral Knights

*GASP* The audience declared. “A fanart page that wasn’t devoted to Sonic the Hedgehog? What is this sorcery?”

Well, yes, unbeknownst to most of you, we here at SW are more of a SEGA based website instead of purely Sonic, it’s just that Sonic, being as mainstream as he is, gets a lot more attention then most other things, but I’ve managed to scour the interwebs to find some FANTASTIC Spiral Knights pieces for you to view this week. Which you can all view below.

Remember you can click the images to go to their original hosting and see fullscale options, a well as view the artists other works!

Spiral Knights by ~XionWan on deviantART


Tranquil Days by ~TypeProton on deviantART


Spiral Knights – Delving Deep by ~SIEGEFAULT-II on deviantART


Let’s Quest by ~Mastastealth on deviantART

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