Fanart Focus: Knuckles the Echidna

Back in America, in the days of yore, or the 2nd of February 1994 to be exact, Sonic 3 was unleashed upon the world, and with it, we were introduced to the rival of the piece, Knuckles the Echidna.

Thusly, we shall celebrate, as we know how. But doing a showcase of Knuckles fanart. So, enjoy, and remember you can click the pictures to go to the artist’s page and see them in fullsize.

Lava Reef Zone by *k1llerRabbit on deviantART

Gawain by *DieBronzeneule on deviantART

Knuckles vs Mecha Sonic by ~LuckyFriend21 on deviantART

enerjack by ~lujji on deviantART

Knuckles Sinbad by *Midowko on deviantART

Knuckles, Pound it by ~RhythmAx on deviantART

Knuckles smexay hat by =Fantasiia on deviantART

Titans Creed

Author: Titans Creed

The man. The myth. The... legend? Rocking the world from ye olde Portsmouth, Titans Creed (TC) uploads the odd content to his YouTube channel and participates in various places around the interverse.

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