Fanart Focus: Hedgehogs Galore!

While in a conversation with Gavvie live on Saturday Night SEGA, which coincidently, you should go and listen to, we were having a discussion about the First4Figures Metal Sonic statue base colours. Where it was either Collision Chaos or Stardust Speedway, upon my searching I came across this amazing piece of fanart entitled “Collision Chaos” by DeviantArt user ladygt93:

Collision Chaos by *ladygt93 on deviantART
It was agreed between myself, Gavvie and AAUK, that this was a stunning piece, and I personally felt it had to be shared. But between that time, and today, ladygt93 has also released this STUNNING piece of Silver the Hedgehog artwork, which I felt could pass off for a similarly used anime piece:

Silver The Hedgehog by *ladygt93 on deviantART
You can also check out this Sonic themed piece as well:

Sonic The Hedgehog by *ladygt93 on deviantART
It’s absolutely astounding sometimes, the detail and brilliance some artists can put out there for us to enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing more from this artist in times to come.

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