Fanart Focus: HD Remix Series

DeviantArt user Modusprodukt has created a few HD scenes from scenes from classic SEGA games. Some are really spectacular like this Streets of Rage HD mural piece:

Streets of Rage HD by ~modusprodukt on deviantART

The piece that did however, draw me to his work and page in general was a HD piece based off of a Shining Force in-combat pose.

Shining Force HD by ~modusprodukt on deviantART

These pieces make really good wallpapers for your computers and the like, and if you want to see more of Modusprodukt’s work, you can follow the link.

Titans Creed

Author: Titans Creed

The man. The myth. The... legend? Rocking the world from ye olde Portsmouth, Titans Creed (TC) uploads the odd content to his YouTube channel and participates in various places around the interverse.

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