Fanart Focus: Black Knight Edition

The birthday Fanart Focus on Knuckles seemed quite popular, so I thought I’d bring you another focus, but this time on one particular game. Sonic & the Black Knight.

As always, you can click the links to visit the artist’s page to see fullscreen versions.

Excalibur Sonic by ~QTStartheHedgehog on deviantART

Lancelot by ~manaita on deviantART

Sacred Protection by ~sonamy-25 on deviantART

caliburn story. by ~bbpopococo on deviantART

Sonic and the Knights of Round by ~maruringo on deviantART

Titans Creed

Author: Titans Creed

The man. The myth. The... legend? Rocking the world from ye olde Portsmouth, Titans Creed (TC) uploads the odd content to his YouTube channel and participates in various places around the interverse.

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