Email Out, Minor Fixes & Merch List Updated Again

IF you’ve sent me a message recently to any of the @sonicwrecks email addresses, you know queries, questions, fixes, images, links, topless photos (why the hell do I never get any of those? DAMNIT ALLLLLL!!!!), etc. You will need to send them AGAIN because there’s some issues with the mail servers at Startlogic at the moment and I’ve lost a lot of email.

Some fixes made, specifically to Sonic 06’s music page which – as I was told in the forum – had for some reason gained SEGASonic The Hedgehog‘s description text.

The Merch list has been updated, both with some corrections and some additions. Having acquired the final Sonic X comic my little treat for myself this month is to try and fill some gaps in the collection. So if you see a number in square brackets that means its coming my way. Annoyingly I know I DO possess 36, but don’t know where the damn thing is.

Likewise I’m now pretty sure my Knuckles Chaotix comic is a reprint so its now labeled 1R.

Other things added are the SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection limited edition vinyl soundtrack – which if you check out the SEGA Europe Blog you’ll be able to check out the details for.

SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection - Ltd Vinyl Album
As well as the SEGA Classics Limited Edition Vinyl, Sonic Rush Adventure Compass Keyring, Sonic Unleashed Hoodie, T-Shirt and Keyring, my Sonic X Production Drawings Set and a couple more things I’ve probably forgotten.

Kevin Eva

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