Dub Step Your Way Down to The Sandopolis Zone

There has been a load of talk about a certain dubstep mix in the Sonic universe recently, and how it’s the next big thing, but A.COE from Overclocked Remix has brought us this splendid piece titled Quicksander.

As A.COE puts it himself on the OCR post:

“Sonic 3 & Knuckles was the zenith of the Sonic Franchise. Sadly, the new games are frankly an embarrassment in comparison. Hopefully this bitchin’ dubstep remix will serve as a fitting tribute to a masterpiece. Just doing my part to give the Sonic games of yesteryear the proper respect they deserve. The Sandopolis Zone (Act 2) music is a little unusual compared to other Sonic tracks, and allowed me to be very inventive while injecting a load of grit and filth. Here’s to a level that caused many players a whole lot of grief.”

It’s a very inventive way to take a track, as dubstep does seem to be one of the popular trends occuring amongst some listeners these days. Give it a listen if it’s your cup of tea.

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