Eggman & Bowser Join Forces In New Disney Film?

Would you ever have thought that two of the most evil and most cunning bad guys in the whole history of video games, would ever be in a film together?


Same here but, thanks to a source from a member from DVDizzy and thanks to NintendoLife also, we can see in a picture the two villains plus also Street Fighter’s very own Zangief sitting next to each other in Disney’s new animated film “Wreck-It Ralph”.

Here is the actual picture of the three characters (EGGMAN, Bowser & Zangief) together.

With looking at this picture it looks like they are sitting down talking about something, this could either be like a talk show type scene where there talking about themselves or, they could be planning to team up and take over the Universe or kidnap princesses i’m not quite sure.

All in all this is a very good find and we could get ourselves a movie from Disney, which will feature are very own Evil Genius and the King of the Koopas together in a room, we shall of course keep you updated as soon as we get more information about this new film Wreck-It Ralph.

Main source via: DVDizzy

News source via: NintendoLife

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    Where did I see this the other day…I worry though when Disney gets involved with anything anymore cause they are so persnickity about rights to anything they conjour up….watch out youtube people especially…and as of late…their drama/comedy shows are so uhhhnnnck lame…Now one toon set I like is the Phineas & Ferb show…They’re good!…Well who knows we might get some cross overs that we once wanted yet…Look out Sora…your not alone in the game universe no more!

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    You are forgetting Dr.Wily…

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