Dev Kit Find “Sonic Extreme” Gets The Community Buzzing

You’ve probably seen it across a variety of sites now, I don’t claim to know who put it up first but this is quite something. The story is that a group called ASSEMbler Games, whose roll it to redicover lost and unreleased games have stumbled on a previously unknown SEGA title called “Sonic Extreme” via an XBOX Dev Kit.

Not to be confused with the also unreleased SEGA Saturn game Sonic X-Treme, which was all fish-eyes and growling between departments – instead this appears to be a spin-off/tech demo of sorts showcasing a more practical, real-life skateboarding styled game based around the City Escape’s boarding mechanic and subsequent Sonic Adventure 2 Battle versus battles.

So what was the purpose in this? Was it a tech demo, an axed mini-game or was it perhaps a previously unknown missing link between development of SA2:B and what became Sonic Riders? I asked AAUK quickly earlier if he’d ever heard of it and he said although it pre-dated him being at SEGA that he’d never come across the title before during his time there. Check out the videos below to see the “game” in action:


Hopefully we’ll have some more details soon.

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