Daytona USA HD Port Hits European PSN

About a month after the release of Daytona USA on Xbox Live in Europe and the USA, and the US Playstation Network store, it’s my pleasure to report Daytona USA is now available for purchase in EU territories!

The downloadable title costs £6.29 (or equivalent) and is a full HD port of the arcade classic, complete with the so-silly-it’s-bloody-awesome soundtrack, and a plethora of new modes to play. Also included is a difficulty toggle-a welcomed addition by me considering how absolutely terrible I am at the original game-and a new ‘Rewind’ function, which let’s you, well, rewind time if you have a crash or something doesn’t go your way.

And yes-there’s a karaoke mode. Because who hasn’t sang along to “Sky High” while playing?

Also included is a challenge mode, where you must complete certain objectives such as reaching the goal in time-in addition is survival mode, where you race while grip erosion is taking place, and of course Time Trial.

I personally picked it up as soon as I saw it, and am loving it to pieces-but will you? Why not drop us a comment and tell us?

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