Darkspeeds Gives YOU The One Hour Sonic Challenge!

Between working on his Sonic Universe Animated Adaptation (of which we hear the next installment is on the way), and 100 Rings Zone projects, Elson “Darkspeeds” Wong, decided to divert his attention as to not get burnt out and devised the One Hour Sonic project to hone his skills. You can read his thoughts below.

Just a day ago I’ve been working vigorously on the latest SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation project (which btw is going great as we speak!). I’ve spent hours on the project and had to take a break before I burn out from working on the same thing for too long!

During my break I thought about a lot of things – like whether I’m spending my hobby time wisely. It seems like I’m really missing out on just going ‘freestyle’ with my work at times… What I mean by that is being able to do other things other than the two prime Sonic fan projects that I’m working on right now – ‘SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation series’ and ‘100 Rings Zone!’.

I got this feeling of ‘missing out’ because of the awesome and inspiring work that I’ve encountered during my random browsing though on deviantART and Youtube lately.

And so after having a think through on what I can do about my situation I decided to come up with a simple exercise – one where it’ll benefit me in terms of learning how to use an unfamiliar paint/illustration software called Paint Tool SAI, and two, benefit the people who watch me.

How I’ll do this is by giving myself a challenge: Drawing Sonic in 60 minutes.

I plan to do as many characters as I can, all to be drawn with different perspectives, poses and expressions.
I will strictly follow a time limit of 1 hour (which is why I call the project: ONE HOUR SONIC. I even set up a specific playlist that I’ll be using all the time. XD) to complete a Sonic drawing from start to finish.

All of these exercises will be recorded on screen via Camtasia Studios and uploaded on Youtube for a visual reference.

Like I said this exercise benefits me because it’ll force me to learn as much as I can with Paint Tool SAI – I want to expose myself as much as possible with this program because I believe that there is so much potential that comes with it. The above artists mentioned are perfect examples who utilises that program for a lot of their drawings (with the exception of BlazeCake since she uses Adobe Photoshop like me! XD). On top of that I should be able to spare one hour of my days off work to get this thing rollin’ right?

I also hope that by drawing these pictures and uploading the videos that go with it will give people an idea on how I create the artwork step-by-step ,and more importantly, I want these videos to inspire those who just want to give drawing ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ a go.

If I could do it in 60 minutes, so can you (with lots of practice of course!).

At time of writing, there have been three pieces from Darkspeeds on his 1HS project.
01: Sonic Falling
02: Tails Flying
03: Amy and Coffee

You can follow the links above to their corresponding pieces, and, you can even see the videos of Darkspeeds in action drawing said pieces.

But, that’s not all, he has also offered the challenge outwards to anyone else looking to improve on their drawing and colouring skills, by taking the same exercise. You can find all the rules and extra challenges you can take in the specific 1HS forum.

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    He’s just done another one today. This time It’s Blaze and Silver in a cake shop. IT LOOKS FANTASTIC. link below

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