Crush 40 Tease New Song Details

It wasn’t that long ago that a teasing image was posted up by Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioelli of Crush 40 showing off three songs they were working on although apparently these were not for any specific Sonic The Hedgehog title – despite the visible lyrics to one deliberately referencing both Open Your Heart and Live & Learn and one sonic being called “Sonic Youth”.

Now though Jun Senoue has posted via the band’s Facebook account a series of descriptions from Gioelli about the song lyrics.

Rise Again

We’ve all known people who hit what I call “lows” in their life. This song is about crawling out of the dark and into the light…because just when you feel you are in the worst place in your life, there is always an opportunity to “Rise Again”

Sonic Youth

This song is about the dedicated Crush40 fans who believe in our music every year. We live for the music, we live for the thrill of the game….we are the “Sonic Youth”.

One Of Those Days

Sometimes you wake up and start the day walking into walls….everything you do is wrong! You trip on your own feet…you drop your cell phone in the toilet…no matter what you do, it keeps happening….!!! There’s only one way to fix it all and thats for the day to just end… when it happens to you, “write it off for one of those aw aw awful days….One of those days…..”

All three songs came out really great and can’t wait to perform them!
Hope you’ll like them 🙂

-Jun! / Crush 40

[Via Jun Senoue /Crush 40 Facebook]

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    My aunt dropped her (i)Phone in the toilet before, can’t wait to send her this song.

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    Ooh. Sounds nice. When I say nice I also mean better than the other stuff I listen to (mostly 80s stuff)

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