Sonic Generations – Classic Metal Sonic Revealed

Sorry for the downtime earlier, we’re trying to catch up with things. As such I’ve been asked to also point out the fantastic classic Metal Sonic artwork that was revealed by SOA yesterday.

Metal Sonic will be one of the foes your face as a boss in Sonic Generations – I’m hoping for a Stardust Speedway duel!

He’ll be sitting in our Depository art section after the weekend.

Sonic Wrecks

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    aaawwwww…i just wanna grab it and hug it and squeeze it and……ahem…sorry i just went off track there, the cuteness level i would say is over nine thousand, but then again that’s a pretty good job on how sonic team made him.

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      I can’t agree more with you there.
      …He is very much adorable. x3

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    He looks pretty much the same as Modern Metal Sonic, but smoother, shorter and shinierXD

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