Check Out This Chilled Version Of Lava Reef

We’re always on the lookout for new items here at Sonic Wrecks and it just so happens that crossing my path came this brand new piece of rather chilled guitar music from user PsychoSk8r4bg. Now it turns out I’m already familiar with user PsychoSk8r4bg, it’s Antony Turner – who proposed to his fiancé on stage at Summer Of Sonic.

This track is apparently coming up on a chilled Sonic abum he’s working on. Sounds good! Look forward to hearing more…

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    I’m so glad that people like this, it gives me the boost and motivation needed to continue work on the album!

    It all started as an Acoustic LQ demo(with a bad note, I might add) I recorded while the missus was vacuuming one day. Then people liked the idea, so I promised I’d finish it.
    Currently in the works are Ice Cap Zone, and Mushroom Hill Zone.

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