Check Out This Awesome Sonic Free Riders Custom 360

Created by SOJ as a special project to surprise Sonic Free Riders Producer Kenjiro Morimoto, this 360 which is not available at retail has been done out in the box art colour scheme including Kinect purple on the side – just like a Kinect box itself.Sonic Free Riders 360 Console (3)

Admire the creativity and just how gosh darn pretty it is, then be a sad panda that we will never see its like again.

Sonic Free Riders 360 Console (1) Sonic Free Riders 360 Console (2)

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    A shame it’s not for retail. I’d buy it

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    I’d definetly buy that if it was retail. One of the coolest xbox’s out there. All you need now is a chaos emerald kinect 😉

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    This looks so DARN AWESOME! It’s a crime that it’s not for retail… 🙁

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