Check Out OCR’s Latest Sonic 1 Remix “Sonicquarium”

OCR have let loose their latest SEGASonic remix, this time from remixer The Cynic Project who we have featured previously on Sonic Wrecks. The name might be confusing, but its actually a Green Hill Zone mix as the person responsible will explain.

The intro to this mix is based off my own track “Julie’s Aquarium” which is where Sonicquarium comes from (credit to my wonderful wife Julie for the name). My goal for this remix was to create a lush arrangement with high production value using the EWQL symphonic orchestra library.

When I began work this winter, I had just bought the “close mics” expansion for EWQL which was the primary inspiration for the instrumentation. I developed and reworked this mix over a long period of time and made many drafts so I could capture a variety of techniques I was learning about orchestral arrangement at the time (like the trills on flute/violin and programming for contrabass).

This mix is intended as sort of a sequel to my previous mix April Rain, and a conclusion to my series of GHZ remixes so that I can focus on remixing other tracks from the Sonic series.”

The dreamy track feels reminicient of something from Zoë Mode puzzler Chime and I can honestly say I really like it. Check it out below. You can also download the track here and find out more infomation here on

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