Castle Of Illusion Is Definately Coming – But Is It More Than A Port?

We already knew a new reimagining of Castle of Illusion on the way, thanks largely in part to the fact the box art for it was leaked not that long ago. The trademark was also renewed in late 2011, thought at the time to be connected with Epic Mickey 2. Initial thoughts were that game would be port, specifically of the upscaled HD variety considering the artwork was new and a different style.

Today though SEGA teased a “mysterious new game for Summer 2013, which it became clear due to the fact the pack art background features in it is Castle of Illusion.However besides that there was also an array of CG scenes including a rear view of shot of Misrabel and an array of marching tin soldiers from the Toy Town level. Additions which have now ahve to make you question whether its not just a standard port but a full HD remake.

Could Disney and SEGA be “doing a Capcom” here?



Kevin Eva

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