Capcom Shareholders Reject Anti-Takeover Plan

It’s been an odd couple of years for Japanese game companies. First of all, Nintendo announced its less than stellar results after the Wii U didn’t set the world alight as they had hoped, causing their stock to plummet. Then Atlus was bought up by SEGA after Atlus’ parent company went under – big time. And now, Capcom are in the spotlight after it was announced that at their latest AGM, shareholders rejected a plan to keep Capcom from being bought out.

According to Nintendo Life, the situation happened when Capcom’s 2-year plan to remain independent was up for renewal. The plan involved creating more stock to diminish the effect of shares being bought up by a third-party, but needed the shareholders to buy that extra stock too to retain the same influence. This rejection of the plan means that a third-party can now buy up stocks without fear of them being watered down. Other factors could be at play, though. General dissatisfaction with the company could be a link, after it was announced that head of Capcom Vancouver, Yoshinori Ono, stepped down from his position (but still remains with the company).

This, of course, has caused fans to go into overdrive once more, with certain rumours circulating that Nintendo could be buying the company. These are, of course, rumours. But, as with all companies, hostile takeovers are something not to be taken lightly, and there are no doubt plans in place to keep Capcom from being bought out instantly. But it is a tense time for the company, and we await to see what pans out in the future.

[Original story can be found at Nintendo Life here]

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