Miku Mondays: Ievan Polkka

You knew it was coming;  it was only a matter of time!

Ievan Polkka, the song that launched the Vocaloid software into a new and creative direction and also was the thing that started getting her associated with leeks is our Miku Monday song of the day.  Its unfortunate actually that one of the funniest recent moments at Operation Portsmouth was never filmed. TitansCreed does not like Vocaloid… so when Dreadknux and myself started clapping and stamping our feet along to this song… right in his face as it played, getting more and more aggressive in our cheeriness whilst he tried desperately to not attack us it was rather funny.

Ah well. I present three videos of the Polkka for you to view.  The Super Deformed Miku video, a modeled Miku video and finally to start off with it being played at the 2011 Miku concert in Sapporo. The reaction is HUGE to it, its just a pity that they for whatever reason couldn’t show Miku on screen during this one.  Still, an entire crowd of people with glowsticks – some of them LEEK GLOWSTICKS – bouncing along to it, shows how awesome it is.

Kevin Eva

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