Blaze Before Blaze Gets… Fanart!

I was wondering out loud this morning just why it seems Sonic Wrecks had a rather bumper morning. In fact we matched our average day’s hits by 9am UK time which is ridiculous.

It turns out TitansCreed has the answer, as our special Christmas reveal of the lost Blaze concept artwork (thumbnail pictured right) got a new lease of life in a new DeviantArt picture from artist BlazeCake. (Chances are they like Blaze a fair bit…) In it they show off their take on what Proto-Blaze – official name as of now – could have looked like.

I’d say that’s pretty awesome. As a special bonus you can also now find some new Tails arts in the Depository’s official arts section. These include modern and classic versions of Tails from the last render SEGA did of both Sonics and Tails running through Green Hill Zone and the 2007 Sonic Channel artwork.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    Whoa, I never thought this would be here, I honestly think the prototype is incredible, and it’s really nicely portrayed here too!

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    thats really neat!
    i almost like the other blaze better than the real one ^^

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