Blaze the Cat in Playable SonGen Mod

Well, haven’t we had a slew of Blaze related news recently. What with AAUK revealing a second ProtoBlaze piece, and another concept art piece from Rush on a look at Sonic. But, I don’t bring you another piece, today I bring you a few videos by some YouTubers highlighting a Blaze the Cat mod for Sonic Generations.

The first highlights the mod useage in City Escape Act 2, and is by YouTube user BandicootG:

The second shows Blaze in Crisis city Act 2, and is by YouTube user CheekBoys:

Obviously, this mod doesn’t change Sonic’s voice file from what I can see, as well as having Sonic’s ball animation as well as the blue “dash” effect. But it’s a fun mod nonetheless. If you want to download the mod, you can find it in the description of the second video.

Thanks go to BlazeCake for bringing this video to my attention.

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