Bentley Jones New Project To Debut At MCM London Expo

A mysterious new trailer has appeared on the YouTube Channel of Bentley Jones entitled “WE R ANIMADE”, the video features at one point in Japanese Bentley also states (roughly) that “I am Animade. You are Animade. We R Animade”. The We R Animade project it is promised will be revealed at the MCM Expo in London, Q3 (October) this year. Of course this means that I will have to go to an MCM expo and I’ve already berated Bentley for that.

You’ll notice in the video several manga/anime style renditions of Bentley, if you think you recognised the style you’d be right as our very own community queen TRiPPY from and more relevantly Studio Imagni. Nicely TRiPPY reveals that “He (Bentley) came to me.” with the project so thats awesome news. The Community connection grows stronger still! We’ll have more details when we can prise them out of him/her.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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