Bayonetta Heads To ANARCHY REIGNS… In Japan At Least

News out of Famitsu indicates that everyone’s hair-weaponising witch Bayonetta will indeed be strutting her pistol-shoes into Platinum Games brawler ANARCHY REIGNS or MAX ANARCHY as the game is called in Japan when it comes out there in July.

Bayonetta will be joining MADWORLD‘s Jack and the Blacker Baron in the game as pre-order DLC, where she’ll no doubt rip, tear and destroy her opponents – whilst avoiding things like plane crashes and tsunami. It has since been confirmed this will be for a specific limited edition run of the game.

Famitsu now has screenshots of Bayonetta kicking ass (literally, as it happens) which you can find below.

Now, what about a definate yes to getting her in the Western issue SEGA – and Sam from VANQUISH while you’re at it!

[Via: Andriasang]

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