Archie Sonic Universe 28 Preview

With Archie’s Sonic the hedgehog 224 hitting store shelves in the UK today, now seems like a good time to take a look at the conclusion to the Silver arc in Sonic Universe.

“Fractured Mirror” Part Four: The Freedom Fighters have fallen! Now the only one left to save this dark world is Silver the Hedgehog! It’s psychic power versus chaos power as our hero from the future goes all-out against the terrifying Enerjak! Don’t miss the cataclysmic conclusion to the Silver Saga!
SCRIPT: Ian Flynn
ARTIST: Tracy Yardley!, Jim Amash, Phil Felix, Ray Dillon
COVER: Tracy Yardley!, Jim Amash & Ben Hunzeker


Author: Vger

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    The third Enerjak has been all but confirmed as the version of Knux from that alternate universe. Personally, as I think the Enerjak rules, I hope Enerjak wins.
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