An Absolution Remix – Are You Dreaming?

The answer, is no.

Not timed at all to coincide with the release of “So Much More” – of which my copy materialised today (thanks Lee), Overclocked Remix have released the first Sonic 06 remix – and it just happens to be of Dreams Of An Absolution! To some extent this is ironic as Bentley was obviously involved on Overclocked Remix under his “leebro” persona, so its kinda a case of OCR remixing one of their own… kinda crazy!

The remixers are Cyril the Wolf and M-One who is also providing the vocals, and the title of the piece is called Absolution Comes In Dreams.

Actually, in all honesty I was told by my friends at OCR that this had been waiting in the wings at OCR for a while and hinted it might be nice to release it at the same time in support. Lol. Hope you guys like it.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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