Amazon Sonic Deals: Sonic Chronicles Guide Book


This is the sort of thing our good friends at TSS normally talk about, but Amazon have a very good deal going on the Prima Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood game guides.

You remember Sonic Chronicles? That’s the game that’s Slingerland current most regular topic as to how everything is terrible and the world is doomed and you are all fools for being Sonic fans or something. Anyway if you fancy a good deal Amazon have got the guide, complete with extra plot details, character info and how to find Froggy and the F’n Echidna Pirates (BEST. IDEA. EVARRR.)

It’s available now brand new for Β£6.50! Fancy a punt on this bargain then here:
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Official Game Guide: Prima’s Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)

If you buy via the link I get 10p or something so all good stuff πŸ™‚

PS: Apparently I’m “a worthy hobby” – aren’t fiancees nice kids? πŸ™

Kevin Eva

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