A Peek Into E3 – Courtesy Of Mr Naka

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, you’ve certainly heard about E3 going on, complete with excitement, rage, and of course, loads of pictures. One particular picture log caught SW’s eye, more precisely Naka-san’s, who of course was present in the event, and seemed to have a jolly good time as well! But really, who can blame him for that? Of course most of his pictures are Sonic related, mainly Sonic goodies and of course the Sonic Generations stand at the expo itself. Here’re are some snippets of the larger photo collection you can check out here

Some Sweet Sonic Swag – Aliteration is FUN

Can you feel the Nostalgia?

This looks ridiculously awesome – and must surely remind Naka-san of NiGHTS.

Wii herd U liek nu consoles?

One of the many Merch displays, instants before being busted open by a rampaging T-Bird

Seriously, who needs an official photographer when Yuji Naka can show us everything we want to see!


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    I’ve got that Sonic drinks can in my room. I’ve drunken it but I’m keeping the can mainly for collectors purposes

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