7th Time’s The Charm, It’s The 2018 LMC E3 Bingo Card

Well folks, here we are yet again. Once more we brave the videogame news minefield that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3 to you and me – in Los Angeles. As is tradition, I have once again crafted our annual tie-in bingo card for you to follow along with so here it is, just in the nick of time.

Seriously, there was a danger of the entirety of the board being filled before E3 even started this year.

As with every year it is a mix of new squares, old favourites (like “There Is A Dog!”), evolutions of previous appearances and the odd rolling of the eyes square of inevitability. A good example of ‘evolution’ is the longstanding Half Life 3 related square which has been now been replaced by a square that is essentially ‘Valve Does Anything At All’. Because let’s face it at this point we just want them to actually give a shit about something other than Steam money. Likewise “It’s A Bug, Not A Feature” is a combination of previous squares relating to the game having issues.

Feel free to mark off the “Retailer Blows The Embargo” square immediately. Because Walmart.


LMC E3 Bingo Card 2018

Kevin Eva

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