3DS Action! SEGA Japan Updates Reveal Generations GHZ Act 1 & 2 For 3DS

The Japanese Sonic Geneations: Blue Adventure website has been updated by SEGA of Japan with two new videos. These show level runs through both acts of Green Hill Zone, owing to the length and design of the level ironically Classic is more akin to the original Green Hill Zone than the console version as the user is able to complete it in twenty-seven seconds.

You can check out the videos below:

Act 1 – Classic

Act 2 – Modern

[Thanks to Woun of Russian Sonic Scene for the tip and the videos]

Kevin Eva

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    dood im totally getting it!

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    the levels look even shorter than sonic rush and colors , I’ve been a bit hesitant on getting this version, i mean the console version i beat it in oh 3-4 hours, minus missions and red rings, this game will take what 1-2 hours, but ehh we’ll see

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