20th Anniversary Soundtrack With Added Power Of Teamwork

If you’re a Sonic fan, a music freak or a Merch hoarder (or in the best of scenarios, all three) you should be aware by now that there is a brand spanking new Sonic Heroes’ Soundtrack coming out in late August.

But now, fresh from TSSZ, are some details concerning the OST, mainly its art and of course, most importantly, its Tracklist, which goes as follows:

Sonic Heroes: Main Theme
We Can (Theme of Team Sonic)
Stage 01: Seaside Hill
Stage 02: Ocean Palace
Follow Me (Theme of Team Rose)
System Screen: Select
Stage 03: Grand Metropolis
Stage 04: Power Plant
Special Stage: Bonus Challenge
Stage 05: Casino Park
Stage 06: Bingo Highway
Battle: Casino Area
This Machine (Theme of Team Dark)
Boss: Robot Carnival/Robot Storm
Stage 07: Rail Canyon
Stage 08: Bullet Station
Team Chaotix (Theme of Team Chaotix)
Boss: Egg Albatross
Event: Disquieting Shadow
Stage 09: Frog Forest
Stage 10: Lost Jungle
Special Stage: Emerald Challenge
Stage 11: Hang Castle
Stage 12: Mystic Mansion
Stage 13: Egg Fleet
Stage 14: Final Fortress
Event: Metal Sonic… the Ultimate Overlord
Last Boss: Metal Madness [Version 1]
What I’m Made of… : Last Boss /Metal Overlord [Version 2]
Event: Finale… Adventure Must Go On

We know it’s not exactly all of the Sonic Heroes’ in game music, but it’s still a pretty awesome list if you ask me.


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