Every website wants to say what they think about games, because naturally they think they could do better. The LMC team also review games, games they feel they want to say something about. Besides… we could do better… not that we have a particularly realistic grasp of how games are made, preferring instead to just assume that anything we think of is possible to do, that games don’t have to make money in any way and all that is needed to make them is to wave a keyboard above yor head and go “A-la Peanut Butter Sandwiches!”

Games are reviewed 0-5 and in some instances get broken down into multiple sections. Principally the one that counts though is the FINAL SCORE (or ACTUAL SCORE), however you may also see a couple of ones from the old Sonic Wrecks days. These are the ACHIEVEMENT HOG SCORE based around both the ease and structure of achievements within the game and the CRAZED FANBOY SCORE. reserved for Sonic games mainly, this is a score from the mind of our pet stereotypically over the top internet fanboy, please keep any/all limbs away from it’s cage of rage.



Sonic Advance

  “Way back in the mists of time – okay, make that 2001 – something was stirring that was to forever shift the equilibrium of gaming as we know it. Something that changed the gaming landscape forever. SEGA created a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog game for a Nintendo console.”  



Billy Hatcher & The Giant Egg 3.5
Daytona USA 4.5
Fez 2.5
Flappy Bird 4.0
Football Manager 2012 4.0
Lifeless Planet 1.0
Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games (2010) 4.0
Persona 4 5.0
Persona 4 – Arena 4.5
Pokémon Shuffle 1.0
SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection 4.0
Skies of Arcadia 4.5
Sonic Advance 4.0
Sonic Advance 3 4.0
Sonic Adventure 2 4.5
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing 4.0
Sonic & The Black Knight 3.5
Sonic & The Secret Rings 3.0
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood 2.5
Sonic Classic Collection 2.0
Sonic Colours 4.5
Sonic Free Riders 3.5
Sonic Generations AAUK | Staff Roundtable 4.0
Sonic Labyrinth 1.0
Sonic Rush 4.0
Sonic The Fighters 3.5
SONIC The Hedgehog (2006) 2.0
Sonic 4 Episode I 3.5
Sonic Unleashed 3.75


Sonic Generations: Blue Blur (OST) 5.0