Comics – 113: Weren’t We Telling A Story?


  • Sonic Wrecks comic #113: “Weren’t We Telling A Story” was completed on July 4th, 2014.
  • The comic itself was in production for well over a year, the original script had been completed in late 2012.
  • “Weren’t We Telling A Story” effectively writes off previous plans for a long-winded scramble to get the chaos emeralds by yadda-yadda-ing the whole shebang.
  • A “decade of destruction” is a reference to wrestler The Undertaker.
  • Before working on Engelbaum, Lynne Tripplet, better known to NiGHTS fans as TRiPPY, did a comic project called Far From Faith – a special unique version of which actually featured Turbo.
  • Given the ten years, the notoriously long comic disclaimer – seriously, we’re listed on TV Tropes because of it – gets an EXTRA long version.
Kevin Eva

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