Need An Escape This Holiday Season? Here’s FOUR New LMC Let’s Plays!

Hello everybody and a Merry Christmas to you. As we all know, there’s a heck of a lot things to watch on television at Christmas and most of them are repeats. But if you don’t want to watch the soap opera’s Christmas special or you just need to escape your relatives well we’ve got a little something to keep you distracted.

Introducing LMC’s holiday grab bag – four new videos release from some of our Twitch streams this year that feature nearly all of the LMC Crew. They’re all from our party game streams so you know you’re going to have a laugh. We’ve got one from Jackbox (Quiplash 2), one from Golf With Your Friends and two from Tabletop Simulator: a One Night Ultimate Werewolf game and a long overdue new video for Red Dragon Inn.

You can find them below – and if they don’t tickle your festive fancy, you can always remind yourself of my awful review of Sonic Christmas Blast.

EVERYBODY DO THE ‘FLOP’ | Jackbox #12 – Quiplash 2

The LMC Crew are joined by some of the public for more Quiplash 2. Kevin tries to give ScrubMonkey some pre-exam motivation, picking on Vger becomes an instant-win, and was YouTube really at The Last Supper?

HYPERSPACE URTHEART | Golf With Your Friends Gameplay #13

A trip to Twilight sees the LMC crew all frustrated in one way or another, although when Urtheart does a new ‘trick’ the line has to be drawn somewhere. EXCEPT, that the footage then goes screwy – so months after the event it’s time to replay the hole. Not that Urtheart is salty about his win in the game prior being lost to technical difficulties. Not at all…

MASON NO MORE? | One Night Ultimate Werewolf #2

The LMC gang continue their games of One Night Ultimate Werewolf and this time it is Kevin who is the Mason – but who are werewolves? Is anyone? And will other player moves leave Kevin’s identity in doubt?

FINGER LICH-ING GOOD | Let’s Play Tabletop Simulator: Red Dragon Inn #3

Early gambling sees Zariah get all the gold and all the luck and BritishAndy feels fate’s wrath – or is the die just rigged? Gog gets unlucky with booze (and gets a gear lodged in his arm) but Mr. Vanato’s Lich King looks set to lose more than a finger or two if he keeps picking fights. It’s a tense final game of life and death at the Red Dragon Inn.

AAUK Reviews: Sonic Christmas Blast

Done purely as a test to see what it would be like to actually do a video review, AAUK does an overview of festive 1996 animated special Sonic Christmas Blast. But WAS it a blast? Er, no.

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