Let’s Play… Castle Of Illusion – Part 1: The Enchanted Forest

Urtheart begins this Let’s Play of the classic 16-bit game Castle of Illusion, joined for this first level by Turbo of Turbo Drive Live. Minnie has been kidnapped by the evil witch Mizarebel and its up to Mickey to save her, in this the first in the “Illusion” series of games.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    My uncle used to have this game on his Mega Drive (which soon was given to me and is still proudly on display in my room today.) It absolutely scared the hell out of me. Bearing in mind I was only 2 or 3, I burst into tears when Minnie was captured in that intro movie and when OMG moments such as the apple or those clowns on unicycles in Level 2 went ballistic. It’s also certain little things like the general look and feel of the game. It just oozes creepy… and the sound effects.. some of them are just chilling, like when you hit a boss.

    I maintain to this day that Castle of Illusion is a f***n scary game from a kids point of view. I’m not scared of it any more of course, but it is a treasured little piece of my childhood.

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