Gaming Phoenix: Obscure VS Twin Ogron – Mythic Difficulty [Realm First]

So, Obscure went and received another boss kill in Mythic Highmaul. A Realm First kill, no less!

Here’s an excerpt from out guild page:

For what is a stiff DPS check, we were not disappointed when we came to face Pol and Phemos. After 27 pulls, the Twin Ogron lay defeated at our feet, their loot free for the pickings of our raiders.

That is not to say they were easy by any stretch of the imagination, in our level of gear we hit the berserk timer on multiple kills and even had a 1% wipe. Eventually though, Obscure defeated them although, we did go into berserk mode to kill it.

There is something slightly terrifying of having a massive red pulsing Ogron charging at you…

Obscure now stands at the head of the Moonglade-merged server team standing at 2/7 Mythic and we are setting our eyes on the next target within the walls of Highmaul.

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