Conversations With… Returns This Saturday – Speak To Tracy Yardley! [Ended]

Yes indeed, the fan interaction series will return this weekend with an awesome artistic opportunity. Here’s host KennyWolf to explain things again.

Hello Everyone! KennyWolf here again to tell you about the next edition of “Conversations with…”.

Last time we had Mike Pollock for a group chat over Skype. It went pretty well and everyone enjoyed themselves. This time we’re going to be having someone from a different part of the Sonic Scene. This time we’re having the artist for Archie’s Sonic comics: Tracy Yardley!

He’s kindly agreed to give us some of his time to answer some questions you may have for him.

This time we’ll be doing things a little different.

For more control over things instead we’ll be using a program known as Team Speak 3. This program allows me to have a lot more control over things. For example: I’ll be muting everyone but myself, Tracy and AAUK. This will help in many ways. One of them being to stop background noises that may occur. During the one hour to an hour and a half chat. There will be two breaks. Splitting the day up into three rounds.

Make sure to add KennyWolf360 on Skype quoting “YARDLEY! CHAT” I’ll provide you with the server info on the day.

If you were in the chat with Mike, Please don’t apply. I’ll contact you and invite you myself. Please don’t complain if I don’t message you.

    • The time will be split up into three rounds with a couple of breaks in between.
    • Each player gets to ask 3 questions. 1 question per round.
    • First one “BUZZ” in gets to answer the question first. If he/she gets it right. I will un-mute them and they’ll then get to ask Tracy a question.

There’s 10 slots only so act now!


Two basic ground rules please folks and this is from Kenny and me; 1) Please do not ask Tracy about doing art requests (he’s busy enough) and especially 2) no questions on the Ken Penders situation please. Naturally enough Tracy can’t comment on that even if he does know anything as it is a legal situation. Anyone pushing on this will be escorted out the chat via Kenny’s boot.

The show will start around at 2PM (UK) THIS SATURDAY and Kenny will be we’ll be getting everyone in to the call about 10 mins or so before that time. Not in the call directly? You can also listen in on the chat via the Sonic Wrecks channel. We’ll be taking some questions from there too!

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