60 Minutes Of Eggman: Talk To Mike Pollock This Saturday


We’ve just heard about some Pollock-tastic news. Is that a word? Well it is now… let me hand over to Sonic fan KennyWolf for more details.

Hello Everyone! My name is Kenny, I’m 22 and Sonic fan hailing from the North West of England I usually go under the name of KennyWolf.

Whilst you might not know me necessarily I do have the fortune to talk to a few of the voice actors – one in particular being Mike Pollock (Dr.Eggman). We’ve talked many times over the past couple of years and keep up to date, hanging out through most of SOS11 after Mike insisted I should be there no matter what. It was quite the surprise when he turned up.

But enough about me; let’s get down to the real reason why AAUK was so kind to let me have this spot on Sonic Wrecks.

A few months ago I spoke to Mike about having another group chat sometime. Yesterday I decided to bring it up again and we’ve that this Saturday we will have the group chat. It will be at 2pm UK time, 9AM ET in the US, and it will last for about one hour.

We’re going to have a system where I’ll ask a question and whoever gets it right first, gets to ask a question or make a request. The first person to types BUZZ into the text chat gets to answer first. I’ll explain it again on the day.

As well as that the first 20 people to show up within the first 5 minutes gets their names put into a hat and drawn out at random for the first questions or requests.

If you want to be in this group chat, then please add KennyWolf360 to your contacts on Skype stating you want to be in it.

If you have any questions about the Group chat and the question and answering system. Feel free to throw them at me.f you have any questions. 

I may be hunting for other guests to come along. We’ll see if I can get them for the day!

Have fun people!

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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