The Bat Returns – Second Rouge Official Art Update

A week ago we opened up the Rogue area of the Official Images & Artwork section of the Depository with a flurry of images from down the years. Whilst this was obviously not a definitive update we did promise we’d have more images soon and the team has been busy sourcing a variety of renders.

Today’s update is focused on the remaining handheld renders and also opening up the miscellaneous sub-section so we’ve got a total of four artworks in all, these are:

  • Sonic Chronicles
  • Sonic Rivals 2
  • Sonic Channel – 2006 (Hand drawn)
  • Sonic Channel – 2007 (CG)

We’ve still got a fair few to go, as we’ve been able to locate an array of Sonic X images for instance that we’ve not seen in the usual places.  Then again come to think of it we’ve got more Amy images as well!

We might see about getting some more of the other character pages up and going soon as well. We have some robots who are dying to be reintroduced to you.

For now head on over to the Rouge page to nab the art.

Kevin Eva

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