Sunday Depository Updates – 14/10/12: Eggman Walkin’ Here!

Hello and welcome to your Sunday Depository update from Sonic Wrecks! Its been noted by both you and me that we’ve been a little slack in updating the Depository – mainly because we’ve been concentrating so much on our videos. Well, the good news for you is that I’m going to be attempting to get back in the habit of giving you some sort of update a day. Probably focusing on the art side for now and get things back up to speed in that department.

For instance I hadn’t realised we did not have a Dr. Eggman art section – WHATTTTTT? Well that’s been sorted for a start for today with a couple of art updates for that. This includes for you art buffs something from Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games that I don’t believe I’ve seen anywhere, the Wii packshot render of the Doctor wielding as javelin.

Sonic Channel fans (I believe we’re still regarded as the English language home for their updates) fear not, your Wallpapers and Colouring Paper sections are now up to date too. There’s even a new SONIC 2006 item on the Objects art page.

So your Sunday updates are as follows:


Sonic Channel Wallpapers x4
Sonic Channel Colouring Paper x5

DR. EGGMAN (New Page)

– MARIO & SONIC – Wii Packshot Render
– COLOURS – Signature Render


– SONIC 06 – Chaos Drive


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